About Us

We are a team of compassionate and knowledgeable health professionals who endeavour to deliver excellent health care to our patients.

Several of our medical doctors have more than a decade of clinical experience. As a multi-disciplinary general practice we aim to promote wellness and dignity of the whole person.

Our Mission

Time for You

In order to deliver holistic Family Medicine, we purposefully moved away from the Medicare Bulk-Billing model.

In so doing, it allows us, as your GPs, to have more time set aside just for you. We use this extra time to explore potential physical, genetic, lifestyle and emotional reasons for your medical conditions.

Continual Learning

To maintain a high standard of health care to our valued patients, Doctors at the Watersprings Health Centre constantly update our clinical knowledge and skills.

We purposefully nurture an atmosphere of learning among the Doctors and actively encourage regular attendance of Continuing Professional Development events either in person or online.

Quality Care

We don’t believe in ‘5-minute Medicine’ by rushing you out with a generic prescription solution so we can see the next patient.

We prefer for you to receive accurate information from your Family Doctors than to make a self-diagnosis from Google!

We want to partner with you in achieving a healthier and happier ‘You’!


Dr Daphne Liu

Founder & Principal Doctor

Growing up, Dr Daphne Liu, the Principal Doctor of the Watersprings Health Centre, observed her father practising Family Medicine in his own practice with her mother assisting as a Registered Nurse.

She developed a fascination and passion for medicine at a young age. She was resolute to pursue Medicine not as a career, but as a calling, to relieve the sufferings of the sick and infirmed.

She was particularly drawn to General Practice due to its emphasis on holistic, whole-person care that is nurtured by a long-term patient-doctor relationship.

After graduating from the University of Queensland in 1996, Dr Daphne pursued training in the General Practice specialty in the Brisbane South/Logan area, obtaining her specialist qualification in 2000.

With more than two decades of clinical experience along with constant intentional professional development and upskilling, Dr Daphne prides herself on providing the best possible care to her patients.

She also endeavours to source the most competent team members to compliment her style of care and treatment by extensively networking with local Medical Specialists, Allied Health Professionals and relevant Health Service Providers.

Dr Daphne is passionate about raising up the next generation of medical practitioners and dedicates time to training and mentoring medical students.

Dr Daphne understands that in order for you to live in optimal health, it is essential to address the complex interplay between your physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs.
That was why she set up the practice in 2012 to attract like-minded doctors who similarly want to provide quality care by spending time with their patients.
Her primary focus is to inform and empower you to take an active role in making good health decisions for yourself.
Outside of work, Dr Daphne enjoys trying out new recipes and discovering that food really can be your medicine. She finds it fulfilling to be involved in volunteering at her local church community: it thrills her to see people’s lives transformed and changed for the better.

Our Vision for Your Care

We uphold the traditional value of Family Medicine by caring compassionately for the ‘Whole Person’, addressing your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We believe ‘Prevention is better than cure’. So we have a special focus on promotion of lifestyle programs and preventative health measures.

Watersprings Health Centre opened its door to our first patient in February, 2012.

As your trusted Family Doctors, we feel privileged to be able to provide continuity of care to you and your family through your entire life journey.

By taking the time to liaise with our network of Health Services Providers, Medical Specialists and Allied Health Professionals, we become your best advocate for all your health needs.