Chronic Disease Management

Did you know that if you suffer from or have risk factors for a chronic disease or ongoing illness, there is an abundance of government funded support such as access to Allied Health Professionals by having a care plan written up by your GP?
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Maintain or Improve your Current Health

1 in 3 Australians has a Chronic Disease and 2 in 3 have risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease. We believe that even if your risk for chronic disease is high or you already suffer from a chronic disease, it is never too late to implement strategies to maintain or improve your current health.

A Dedicated Team

To achieve your health goals, we spend time in educating you about your medical conditions and monitor your response to treatment. We regularly screen for risk factors in order to implement preventative measures early.

And to deliver a holistic and systematic approach to manage your health, we involve multiple team members such as our resourceful nurses and skilled Allied Health Professionals.
Medical Services

So if you are looking for a doctor to partner with you in tackling all your ongoing healthcare needs, for your care plan assessment, please book today by clicking the BOOK NOW button or simply call us on 07 3341 7244.

We can help you manage...

chronic disease management
We are now offering Pfizer and Astrazeneca vaccinations!
Please contact reception on 07 3341 7244 to secure yours today.

Covid-19 Vaccination Update

All patients 12-59 can now book in for their Pfizer vaccine with clinics commencing from the 28/9. AstraZeneca vaccinations for all patients over the age of 60 have already commenced.

Appointments for Covid vaccinations cannot be booked online as these are delivered in special clinic times and not during standard appointments. Please call reception on 07 3341 7244 to book in for yours today.

Patient’s booking in for Pfizer vaccinations are required to read the Covid Vaccination Information form prior to their appointment. This form is found here.

For more information or if you have any questions about the Covid-19 vaccination please call

07 3341 7244

and our friendly reception staff will be happy to help.