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How long has it been since you had a health check? Do you only go to the doctor’s when something is wrong?

You should not wait until you are unwell to see your doctor.

Health Checks/Lifestyle Programs

Studies have proven that people can have healthier and longer lives if they stay on top of their health with routine checks.

Just like servicing your car to prevent it from breaking down, health checks for your body can help pre-empt health concerns and put in place preventative lifestyle habits.

If we help you to implement a healthy lifestyle that suits you and manage your risk factors and your health goals early, we can prevent up to 80% of cardiovascular diseases and 40% of cancers.

When you book in for a men’s health check, we first assess your current health by taking a thorough history.

We pay particular attention to your past and present medical conditions and family history such as prostate cancer or heart diseases, so we can best identify your potential risk factors for illnesses.

We then perform relevant men’s health examinations such as blood pressure and weight measurements, and request specific investigations which may include blood tests and ECG.

Once we have evaluated your health status, we address your specific health needs and provide you with updated information on men’s health, e.g. dietary and exercise programs, stress management, sleep hygiene etc.

"We want to empower men in maintaining a healthy ‘you’."

Prostate Health

Do you have urinary symptoms such as frequency or urgency, difficulty in starting urination, dribbling at the end of urination, or waking frequently at night to urinate?

A lot of people accept these symptoms as part of ageing. It is true that as you grow older, these symptoms are most likely caused by a benign enlargement of the prostate called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

But you don’t need to put up with these symptoms. There are many effective to treat these and by booking in for a consultation with your Family Doctor, we can discuss these options with you in order to improve your quality of life.

"Being the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Australia, prostate cancer might have already affected one of your friends or a relative. "

Unfortunately, there is no accurate, simple tests doctors can use to screen for prostate cancer.

So when you present for a prostate check with or without specific symptoms, we intentionally take time to evaluate your risk for prostate cancer by taking into consideration your family history.

We then explain to you the role of PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen, a blood test) and other diagnostic tests in the detection and management of prostate cancer.

We understand that experiencing urinary symptoms or knowing someone with prostate cancer can generate a lot of anxieties, so we encourage you to book in early for a consultation by clicking the BOOK NOW button or by calling us on 07 3341 7244.

"Are you planning for a family? One of our favourite things to do is to help you to plan and prepare for pregnancy as we know it is a very special time for you and your partner."

Traditionally, doctors focus only on the expectant mother’s health at the pre-conception health check.

However, as the father-to-be, your physical and emotional health is also vital for your partner’s healthy conception and pregnancy.

Family Planning

With this in mind, we take the opportunity to provide you with a health check, focusing on your medical, psychological, sexual and family history.

We also explore your use of medications and recreational substance and conduct a thorough examination specific to your health needs.

This is also an important visit for you and your partner to learn about conception and antenatal care so you can better support your partner in her journey of pregnancy.

Because after all, the well-being of you as a father and a husband is essential for the happiness of your expanding household.

Sexual Health & Sexual Dysfunctions

Many men receive their information on sexual health from the internet, because talking to the doctors about this matter can be uncomfortable.

A simple visit to your GP can dispel all the myths and provide you with information and strategies to maintain or improve your sexual health.

Some examples of these strategies include lifestyle and dietary solutions, as well as medications.

We are experienced enough to know that discussing sexual health can be confronting to men.

We know how to provide you and your partner with counselling, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up for sexually-transmitted diseases and as is our preventative medicine focus, we empower you with education and updated information to protect yourself against diseases.

"We are trained to conduct these consultations with you in a considerate and non-judgmental manner."

And if it is a sexual dysfunction which prevents you from wanting or enjoying sexual intercourse with your partner, you do not need to suffer silently.

Some of the conditions men may experience include low or high libido, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and we encourage you to speak to your Family Doctor about them.

When you present for a consultation, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your past and present sexual history, potential psychological and emotional factors, your relationship with your partner and family members, and your lifestyle.

We take time to formulate an individualised treatment plan for you and connect you with the right Specialist or Allied Health Professionals to explore different treatment options.

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All Flu vaccines now available. Yearly influenza vaccination is recommended for people aged 6 months and over. Please contact reception on 07 3341 7244 to book in for yours today.

Covid-19 update 2023

In line with Queensland Health we are currently following the traffic light system. The traffic light level – red, amber, or green – is based on the current level of risk in the community. Currently Queensland is on a green light with the following advice:
Green (baseline) means there are low rates of community transmission and Queensland is not in a COVID-19 wave.
When the traffic light is Green, we recommend you:
– stay home if you’re sick
– keep up to date with your vaccinations
– maintain good hygiene
– wear a mask if required by a healthcare provider, venue, or household.
If you get COVID-19:
– stay home until you’re well again
– wear a mask for 7 days after you test positive
– avoid visiting hospitals, aged care, or disability care for 7 days after you test unless you are receiving care
– ask household members to closely monitor symptoms.
Patients who have symptoms will still be asked to wait in their car/outside or book a telehealth appointment if eligible.
Covid-19 vaccinations are available for all eligible patients. We currently have Pfizer adult and children vaccinations available.
We will keep you updated on here and our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Please call reception on

07 3341 7244

to book your appointment today. Appointments for vaccinations are unable to be booked online as we only provide this service during designated vaccination clinic hours. 

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this pandemic.