Mental Health

mental health
Everyone experiences low mood from time to time but if you experience intense low mood for long periods of time, it may be that you have depression.

"You could be eligible to receive counselling by a psychologist with a Medicare rebate."


Some Symptoms of Depression are:

Depression not only affects you, but it can also have a lasting impact on your loved ones.  Depression can happen to anyone, even to those whose lives seem to be ‘perfect’.

Most people would think that only a psychologist or psychiatrist can help them with depression.  But if you see your Family Doctor first, we can eliminate other contributing factors, as well as provide options for you.

We as your Family Doctor understand the potential devastating effect of Depression on you and your family.  So we want to encourage you to take the important step of making an appointment with us to receive help to combat the disease successfully.

Anxiety Disorders (including OCD, Social Anxiety, & PTSD)

Everyone experiences ‘stress’ or anxiety from time to time, e.g. with a new job interview or planning an important event.

But if you feel anxious often for no apparent reason or anxiety starts to impact your daily activities, you may be suffering from Anxiety Disorder.

There are different types of Anxiety Disorder, such as:

Generalised Anxiety Disorder – feeling anxious most days without being provoked.

Panic Disorder – episodes of panic attacks which produce physical symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pain or discomfort, feelings of impending doom, clamminess in the hands etc.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – developed after a traumatic event and can be associated with intrusive ‘flashbacks’ of the event

Social Anxiety (Social Phobia) – intense anxiety provoked by social interactions, leading to social withdrawal.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – uncontrollable and intrusive thoughts (obsession) and behaviours (compulsion), repeated over and over.

Specific Phobia – such as Agoraphobia (fear of being in a space where they can’t escape easily), Claustrophobia (fear of confined space), Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)

"Anxiety Disorder can be very debilitating and cause you to become increasingly withdrawn."

You may even feel like you have lost control of your feelings. If this is the case, we as your Family Doctors encourage you to speak to us early, because we can provide support and resources to help you manage Anxiety. ​
Book an appointment now to discuss your emotional health by clicking on the BOOK NOW button or by calling us on 33417244 to arrange a ‘long consult’ for your pathway to freedom from Anxiety.

"Even though you may feel euphoric, productive and creative during a manic or hypomanic episode, what follows is an undesirable episode of depression."

You may cycle between mania and depression multiple times quickly, but most people with Bipolar Disorder stay in chronic depression and may even become suicidal.

We as your Family Doctor recognise how devastating Bipolar Disorder can have on you and your family and we can help you.

Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depressive Disorder)

Bipolar Disorder, formerly known as Manic Depressive Disorder, causes extreme mood swings between emotional ‘highs’ (mania/ hypomania) and ‘lows’ (depression).

During a manic or hypomanic episode, you may experience symptoms including:


Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness affecting a person’s thinking, emotions and behaviour. It is usually diagnosed in late teens to early 30s and presents with psychotic symptoms such as:
Some illicit drug use, such as marijuana, can also cause similar symptoms.

"People suffering from Schizophrenia seem to have lost touch with reality."

Their symptoms can be highly distressing to them but they have no insight into their illness. That is why they may not seek treatment voluntarily or comply with medication regime.

So if you are concerned that your loved one may have Schizophrenia or psychotic symptoms, book a mental health assessment now by clicking on the BOOK NOW button or calling us on 07 3341 7244 for a ‘long consult’.

"Substance Abuse, or commonly known as Addiction, is habit of dependence on the substance which is developed following repeated use. "

Whatever situation you may be in, we encourage you to take the first step of coming to your Family Doctor NOW because help is available.

Substance Abuse

Symptoms suggesting that you may be addicted to the substance include:

You might have wanted to experiment with smoking, alcohol or illicit drugs out of curiosity, but now they are taking over your life.

You may have sought them out in order to dull the pain from a traumatic life experience, but now they are causing more mental anguish.

It may be a mental illness you are trying to cope with by using substance, but now you feel more out of control.

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Covid-19 update 2023

In line with Queensland Health we are currently following the traffic light system. The traffic light level – red, amber, or green – is based on the current level of risk in the community. Currently Queensland is on a green light with the following advice:
Green (baseline) means there are low rates of community transmission and Queensland is not in a COVID-19 wave.
When the traffic light is Green, we recommend you:
– stay home if you’re sick
– keep up to date with your vaccinations
– maintain good hygiene
– wear a mask if required by a healthcare provider, venue, or household.
If you get COVID-19:
– stay home until you’re well again
– wear a mask for 7 days after you test positive
– avoid visiting hospitals, aged care, or disability care for 7 days after you test unless you are receiving care
– ask household members to closely monitor symptoms.
Patients who have symptoms will still be asked to wait in their car/outside or book a telehealth appointment if eligible.
Covid-19 vaccinations are available for all eligible patients. We currently have Pfizer adult and children vaccinations available.
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