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Would an Iron Infusion help you?

If you think an iron infusion would benefit you, please book an appointment to discuss this possibility.

iron infusion

Iron deficiency has been identified as a major health issue affecting all age groups.

Iron Infusion (Ferinject Infusion)

Iron is an important dietary mineral that is involved in various bodily functions, including the transportation of oxygen in the blood.

This is essential in providing energy for daily life. Iron deficiency results in depletion of the iron storage within your body, leading to fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath and decreased immunity.

For eligible patients, an initial consultation is booked with the doctor.

Patients will be issued a script of Iron Infusion (Ferinject) to be purchased from their pharmacy.

A 45 minute appointment will then be booked for the procedure Patients should allow an hour which includes the iron infusion and a 30- minute observation time post infusion.

Please speak to reception about the current fees for an iron infusion at Watersprings Health Centre.

"Keeping your iron levels within the healthy limits is important."

Ear Toilet

As part of our professional services to patients, Watersprings Health Centre offers syringing of the ear (aural toilet) to those who are eligible.

Many patients presenting with ear problems have a build-up of wax and debris in the ear canals.

These can be managed by ear syringing which involves washing out of the ears with warm water. Ear drops are administered for the 3 days prior to an ear toilet to help soften the wax.

Please book an initial appointment to discuss this with your doctor.

After assessment of your ears you will be required to book in for a 30-minute appointment for the procedure.

To maintain a high quality service, a fee will be applied. Please ask reception for further information on fees and available Medicare rebates for this procedure.

Book your initial appointment by clicking the BOOK NOW button or by calling us on 07 3341 7244.

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All Flu vaccines now available. Yearly influenza vaccination is recommended for people aged 6 months and over. Please contact reception on 07 3341 7244 to book in for yours today.

Covid-19 update 2023

In line with Queensland Health we are currently following the traffic light system. The traffic light level – red, amber, or green – is based on the current level of risk in the community. Currently Queensland is on a green light with the following advice:
Green (baseline) means there are low rates of community transmission and Queensland is not in a COVID-19 wave.
When the traffic light is Green, we recommend you:
– stay home if you’re sick
– keep up to date with your vaccinations
– maintain good hygiene
– wear a mask if required by a healthcare provider, venue, or household.
If you get COVID-19:
– stay home until you’re well again
– wear a mask for 7 days after you test positive
– avoid visiting hospitals, aged care, or disability care for 7 days after you test unless you are receiving care
– ask household members to closely monitor symptoms.
Patients who have symptoms will still be asked to wait in their car/outside or book a telehealth appointment if eligible.
Covid-19 vaccinations are available for all eligible patients. We currently have Pfizer adult and children vaccinations available.
We will keep you updated on here and our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Please call reception on

07 3341 7244

to book your appointment today. Appointments for vaccinations are unable to be booked online as we only provide this service during designated vaccination clinic hours. 

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this pandemic.